Press Release: “Ηλεκτρολόγος” Magazine, October 2008 page 206

FOTKA - K. Kargiotis: New board with 4 rows and 80 modules with increased capacity

“FOTKA” Company, taking in concern every electrician’s needs for easy installing, functionality and safety of our boards, presents in the Greek market the new 4-row board. This new product is an answer to the need of space and capacity.

Board’s features: Each of the 4 rows has space for 20 modules, there is a support rack slightly heightened to make room for the cables, enough room perimetrically, free cable positions in racks and neutral is divided in 2 bars (circuits with or without escape relays for electric current).

Frontal face dimensions are 48.5 x 72.5 and 45 x 69 x 9.2 are those of the case that will get embedded in the wall. Great range of colors, apart from white and inox type, depending on the demand and modern design.

Totally manufactured in our facilities in Greece and bearing the CE symbol, this board meets our quality standards which are also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Increased capacity and quality are two features of the new FOTKA board
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